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Exploring Belgrade means leaving the obvious behind. Belgrade is a city that intrigues and requires from its visitors the audacity to look beyond the surface. Once you feel its true, vibrant spirit, you will inevitably fall in love with it. Come on a Serbia Luxury Travel tour through Belgrade to discover the Serbian capital from different perspectives.


Personalized guided tour

Whether on foot or by car, this is the best way to discover more of the city without wasting time.


Belgrade by segway

Effortlessly glide through the streets of Belgrade, seeing it all without getting tired.


Helicopter tour

Take a panoramic flight over Belgrade and see the city from a whole new perspective. 


Yugoslav old-timer tour

Immerse yourself back in history and explore Belgrade while riding the pride of former Yugoslavia.


Rakia tasting in local distillery

Discover the tastes and learn about the production of rakia – Serbia's best known brand.


Wine tasting workshop

With a professional enologist, try wines from different parts of Serbia, while learning wine tasting techniques.

Image by Lux Charters

Luxury yacht river cruise

Cruise through the Sava and Danube rivers with style in a modern luxury yacht.


Fine dining experience

Allow yourself to feel the finest tastes of Belgrade in the authentic ambiance of the Dorcol area.


Balkan cuisine unlimited experience

Why not try a bit (or a lot) of everything Balkan cuisine has to offer in a unique way?

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