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Exquisite outdoor getaways: 3 mountains you must visit in your next trip to Serbia

Serbia has a quite interesting geography with mountainous terrain making 70% of the country's territory. If you love outdoor getaways and would like to include it in your Serbia travel plans, while still keeping a good level of comfort and style, here are three must-visit mountains:

1) Kopaonik - Serbia's skiing paradise

Extending from northwest to southeast Serbia, Kopaonik is characterized by its extraordinary natural beauty and attracts thousands of visitors all year long. It is also the sunniest mountain in Serbia, with over 200 sunny days per year. The mountain has great overall infrastructure, featuring world-class, 5-star hotels and houses for accommodation and a great number of outdoor activities you can take part in, such as skiing, snow-mobile driving, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, 4x4 off-toad driving and much more.

Highlight: With 39 ski slopes and a total length of 35 kilometers of different difficulty levels, Kopaonik is the number 1 destination in Serbia for lovers of skiing and snowboarding.

Tip: If you want to take a break after a day filled with activities, you can relax in the spa and when the sun goes down, move to one of the bars and outstanding night clubs.

2) Zlatibor - mountain of hospitality and traditions

Zlatibor is a mountain situated in western Serbia, known for its great location, top hotel infrastructure and beautiful natural resources. As this is the fastest developing mountain in the country, travelers are able to enjoy a wide range of services while still staying in touch with nature and discovering the traditional mountain way of life.

Highlight: Zlatibor offers many possibilities for activities in the nature, but the most popular one is for sure skiing. If you come to Zlatibor during winter, don't miss a sky day at the Tornik ski resort, on the moutains highest peak.

Tip: Zlatibor's location makes it easy for travelers to explore everything that there is to see in western Serbia. For instance, you can visit the village of Sirogojno to discover authentic 19th-century mountain houses. On the nearby are you have caves, waterfalls, national parks, viewpoints... Let us know what you would like to see and we will tailor the ideal Zlatibor getaway for you.

3) Stara Planina - Serbia's highest mountain

Stara planina, located in the border regions between Serbia and Bulgaria, is one of the most beautiful and best preserved Serbian mountains, with a rich tradition and rural culture. Most of the mountain is under state protection as a National Park of Great Significance and thanks to that most of it has been kept untouched. Nonetheless, they still have a very nice ski center and a modern 4-star hotel perfect for those who still want some comfort.

Highlight: Stara Planina's peak called Midzor, at 2.169 meters above sea level, is the highest point on Serbian territory. It can be reached through a picturesque, 8-kilometer hiking trail (one way) and is definitely worth the effort!

Tip: Stara Planina is also well-known as a place with a lot of hidden waterfalls, such as Tupavica, Tri Kladenca, Kopren, Cungulj and Kaludjerski skokovi. Name which one you would like to visit and we'll take you there.

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