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Serbia - the new luxury travel hub in the Balkans

It's been a while since Europe hasn't seen a destination rise this quickly from the ashes. After years under the radar mainly due to the fall of Yugoslavia, Serbia has been swiftly developing itself into a new luxury travel hub, ready to host even the most demanding guests.

If you ask yourself if Serbia is ready for luxury travelers, rest assured the answer is - yes. Although it was elected one of the top 10 best value destinations for 2020 by the Lonely Planet, Serbia has long stopped being a destination just for low-budget travelers.

Belgrade's exponential growth in the hospitality industry, aligned with the creation of new upper-class neighborhoods (such as the Belgrade Waterfront), as well as the revitalization of artistic / industrial neighborhoods such as Dorcol, brought to the city a whole new vibe. Art galleries, trendy cafés, fine-dining restaurants and luxury hotels have been popping up in the city in recent times. The best of all: their creative design and ambiance perfectly blend with Belgrade's artsy, yet industrial atmosphere.

Outside of Belgrade, three destinations have been getting more and more attention in the luxury travel field:

Novi Sad, the capital of the province of Vojvodina, perfectly positioned by the Danube, has a authentic Austro-Hungarian, yet Serbian feel. This authentic city is just a 1-hour drive away from Belgrade;

Zlatibor, a mountain destination in Western Serbia, has had a tremendous infrastructure boost, including a new highway connecting it to Belgrade and many new 5-star properties;

Kopaonik, Serbia's most famous ski center, stands on top of one of the country's most beautiful mountains.

Count on the Serbia Luxury Travel team to design your next amazing travel experiences in Serbia. All you have to do is get in touch and get ready to be amazed.

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