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Summer in Serbia: top 3 lakes for your VIP getaway

Serbia is a land of beautiful nature, people with a sincerely warm heart, delicious food, mountains and much more. The country is also home to no small amount of lakes, which are a perfect choice for those looking to get away from the city during summer.

Here are three lakes recommended by the Serbia Luxury Travel experts for your next luxury getaway:

1) Uvac Lake - nature's masterpiece

Far away from the hustle of Belgrade lies the Uvac River, a truly magnificent and unique destination of southwestern Serbia. As a protected natural area, Uvac is the main habitat of the griffon vulture, the most important local ‘scavenger of nature’. Today, in this canyon there are about three hundred individual species, representing the largest colony of these birds in the Balkans and Europe. This canyon is especially beautiful because of its curving meanders that at some points reach a height of 100 meters.

Highlight: Going on a boat ride or kayaking beneath the nest of the “king of the air”, through the magical canyon of the Uvac lake, is a breathtaking experience.

Tip: This area offers numerous possibilities for outdoor activities, such as swimming, bird watching… Uvac is also known for its caves and amazing viewpoints. You can try hiking to the famous Molitva viewpoint to have the best view of the meanders.


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2) Palić Lake - the northern beauty of Serbia

Located by the city of Subotica, close to the border with Hungary, Palić is the largest lake in Serbia that has been created naturally. It is 8 kilometers long with an average depth of 2m. It’s beaches are remains of the Pannonian sea, so the lake’ s water used to be salty. The locals who lived near the lake found out healing powers of its mud and water.

Highlight: For a true VIP experience, you can enjoy a wine tasting in one of the most modern and most beautiful wineries in Europe, located in the Palic lake area - the Zvonko Bogdan winery. We mentioned it in our post with 3 ideas of luxury tours in Serbia.

Tip: When you walk around the Palic Lake, you see that, just like the city of Subotica, the area surrounding the lake features a series of beautifully designed art nouveau buildings that are a joy to explore.

3) Perućac lake - a paradise for adventures

The Perucac Lake is like a giant natural pool with an amazing natural surrounding in the very border with Bosnia and Herzegovina in western Serbia. It's ideal for swimming, boat riding, paddling, canoeing or fishing. The lake was created by damming the Drina river for the purposes of the Bajina Basta hydroelectric power plant.

Highlight: The lake's location offers many possibilities. For instance, it is just a few kilometres away from the Tara National Park, where you can go on a pleasant hike to Banjska Stena - Serbia's most famous viewpoint. If you go just a little bit further, you will be able to enjoy in the waters of the also beautiful Zaovine Lake.

Tip: If you have the chance, we will take you on a cruise through the amazing Drina river canyon all the way to the city of Visegrad in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where you will be able to stand on the 16th-century Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic Bridge, which inspired the Nobel-prize-winner Ivo Andric in his "The Bridge on the Drina" book.

Feeling inspired?

Count on the expertise of the Serbia Luxury Travel team to design your next amazing travel experiences in Serbia! All you have to do is get in touch.

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