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Three ideas for luxury tours in Serbia

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Serbia is a breathtaking land with many possibilities for the luxury traveler. Every region in Serbia has its differences and charms. If you are planning something special in Serbia and you desire to travel with style to have the best quality tour as you can imagine, you are in the right place - we have some luxury tour ideas for you. Let us show you three luxury tour ideas for an amazing experience!

1) Wine tasting at a premium winery

This magnificent building is one of the most beautiful, most modern and best-equipped wineries in Serbia, in which you will feel pampered wherever you go. The Zvonko Bogdan winery is named after a famous folk singer, whose art is synonym for top quality. This great artist started his way in wine making in 2008 by combining the specificity and tradition of Palic with the latest French technology. Two of their wines won a gold medal in the Decanter World Wine Awards in London in 2019, beating 160.000 wines from all over the world.

Highlight: The ambiance of the Zvonko Bogdan winery is truly inspiring. If you want to experience more of it, why not have a private lunch there? Just don't forget to plan ahead, as they only offer that on request. In this glorious place, you can organize a lot of different events such as weddings, celebrations, conferences and promotions.

Tip: In the midst of of its vineyards on the eastern shore of Palic Lake, the winery was built in Art Nouveau style, typical for the town of Subotica.

2) Visit a real-life, fairytail-like castle

This monumental white building with four towers is the right place for romantic souls regretting for not being born at the time of glamorous courts and bells. When Bogdan Dundjerski, one of the richest people in Serbia at that time, built the Fantast Castle in early 20th century, he never thought that one day it would become a luxury hotel and perfect getaway for those seeking a break from reality in a fairy-tale ambient.

Highlight: One of the best ways to experience this magic place is going for a carriage ride, pulled by some of their gorgeous horses. In this unique combination of old charm and modern comfort you can also have a beautiful photo session.

Tip: The Fantast Castle used to be the mansion of the Dundjerski family in Central Vojvodina, 14 km away from the city of Bečej. If one castle is not enough, you can also visit the Ečka Castle, which was built in English style.

3) 4x4 off road drive in the desert

Little people know that in Serbian territory is one of the last deserts in Europe the Deliblato Sands. It was created by the wind that covered in sand an area that stretches over 300 square kilometers. An off road drive through this unique nature reserve will definitely be one of the most authentic experiences you will have in your life!

Highlight: After the drive, you will get to the village of Devojački bunar, where you will be able to try for the first time wine grown in the sand in a local family winery.

Tip: If you don't like driving, you can choose to have a driver in the car with you, so you can only sit back and enjoy the ride.

Feeling inspired?

Count on the expertise of the Serbia Luxury Travel team to design your next amazing travel experiences in Serbia! All you have to do is get in touch.

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